The Swedish Bankers' Association

The Swedish Bankers' Association represents banks and financial institutions established in Sweden. Our aim is to contribute to a sound and efficient regulatory framework that facilitates for banks to help create economic wealth for customers and society.
  • We represent the member companies nationally and internationally. We are a member of the European Banking Federation, EBF.

  • We work closely with regulators and policymakers in Sweden and Europe.

  • We establish join rules in matters of common interest in the Swedish banking industry, such as payment infrastructure and security issues.

  • We inform the public about the banking sector.


2 July 2021

Climate roadmap to zero emissions - The banking industry’s framework for climate action

Sweden’s climate goal of net-zero emissions by 2045 entails major demands for change. With this roadmap, the banks wish to be instrumental in ensuring that financing issues will not be an obstacle, but rather a promoter, in reaching the climate goal. The purpose of the roadmap is to supplement the banks’ existing efforts to integrate climate aspects into their business.

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17 May 2021

Consultation on a fallback rate for Stibor 

This is a consultation on a possible recommendation from the Swedish Bankers’ Association for the design of a fallback solution for Stibor. A fallback here refers to a process defined in financial contracts that stipulates what happens if the reference rate, Stibor, were to be discontinued. The type of fallback described in this consultation is part of an ongoing global effort to strengthen financial contracts and it standardises what happens should the reference rate in contracts be discontinued.
The Consultation period ends the 10th of June 2021.

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July 9 2020

This time, banks are part of the solution”

When the Corona pandemic this Spring brought the European economy to a halt, banks emerged as a key partner for governments and regulators across Europe. Swift, coordinated action at a European level opened doors for effective national measures. Led by Wim Mijs, the European Banking Federation played a key role.

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April 16 2020

The Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility takes over the calculation and administration of Stibor

On April 20, the Swedish Financial Benchmark Facility, SFBF, will take over the calculation and administration of Stibor.

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